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Software Development Kit (SDK)

DelaneyBiometrics supply software development kits for all biometric modalities; including fingerprint, multi-spectral fingerprint, facial recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition, and vein recognition.

SDK categories range from basic algorithms to advanced algorithms which are capable of 1 billion templates per second. Much of the quality of an software algorithm is hidden, and difficult to establish during testing. As the user database grows, the quality of an SDK matching drops off exponentially in 1:N matching scenarios. Our top rated SDKs have very low drop off in quality even at very large scale, and this is proven through independently judged competition. Some of the lower cost SDKs have vendor lock-in, where they only work with their hardware, while our highest quality SDKs are vendor neutral.

As a very general guide, basic SDKs (free or low cost) are suitable for up to 1000 users; intermediate SDKs are ideal for up to 20,000 users; while the Advanced SDKs can scale up to 1 billion users.


Neurotechnology MegaMatcher On Card SDK

MegaMatcher On Card SDK offers matching-on-card technology that stores a person's fingerprint| iris and face templates on a smart card and performs template matching in a microprocessor embedded in the card| instead of matching biometric information on a...

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